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Available to recruit in London

As well as East Anglia& the Northern Home Counties, Zero Surplus recruits Procurement and Sales staff in London. Our experience of recruiting – especially at executive level – in London has shown us that often our ‘out of town’ approach can lead to a more efficient, less frustrating recruitment process.

Our founder Joby has over ten years’ experience recruiting marketing, Supply Chain & sales positions in London for international brands. Often retained on Preferred Supplier Lists  for his ability to offer candidates from outside London looking to work in London itself. We recruit lots of roles in the Northern Home Counties, which means we have a rich database of candidates open to roles in London. An untapped pool of talent which London-based agencies do not have access to.

So if you’re based in London, and looking for account managers, sales managers, business developers, buyers, purchasers, procurers or surveyors. If you need a candidate to help your business source products or services, or sell them. Zero Surplus would love to help.

Candidates can get in touch via this link and Upload Your CV, and if you’re a hirer you can get in touch via this link and Register Your Vacancy.

Alternatively if you have any questions, please contact Joby Read on either 01223 868 649 or via email on or the contact form below:



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