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If you’re planning to hire within Supply Chain or Sales, and would like us to look at your job brief please get in touch. We offer you a wide array of consultative services, and would be happy to discuss these in more detail.

Skills Identification – We know what’s out there and can help you figure out the skills you need to hire, and more importantly whether it will be possible to find the person you want. We can work with you to figure out whether what you have identified is feasible and make recommendations where required.

Job Descriptions – Once you have a skills brief, we can help you translate that into a useable job description from scratch, or help you make improvements to any current job descriptions to make them more appealing for potential candidates.

Salary benchmarking – We can offer a full in depth salary benchmarking service, which can be very helpful if you’re looking to retain existing staff, or ensure a new position is benchmarked at the right level to attract the best candidates.

So if you’re looking to hire a business development, buying or procurement professional and would like us to help,  feel free to get in touch to discuss the role with our Founder Joby Read directly on 01223 868 649.

Or if you would prefer to send us through the brief now  and us give you a call then please get in touch today using the contact form below:


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