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Client Service Options

Our Transparent Fee Structure

We offer 3 different service level options for recruitment, dependent on what’s important for you when hiring. Please read more information about these below:


This is our basic service, most suitable if you have lots of time, and you are happy to work with multiple agencies. With this option there are no restrictions to how many agencies you work with, and you only pay us a fee if we find you the right candidate.

Fee is dependent on the salary level of the role.

£0 – £25,000                                      -20%
£25,001 to £39,999                           -25%
£40,000                                                -28%

Exclusive Contingency

This is our mid-range service offering, suitable for clients who have a bit more time to hire or looking for a reduced fee, and willing to work with one agency exclusively for an initial period of time.

Fee is dependent on the period of exclusivity.

1 Weeks’ exclusivity                          -22% (19% <£25,000)
2 Weeks’ exclusivity                          -20% (18% <£25,000)

Exclusive Retainer

This is our premium service and most suited for key business hires, or if you are just looking for the lowest total fee. Our key clients tend to use this service, as they know we can fill the positions and prefer to pay a small fee up front, and a lower fee overall.

The success of our retained services is demonstrated by a 94% fill rate, as opposed to around 79% with our exclusive contingency option.

As standard with any retained recruitment agreement you will receive the following:

  • Search & Selection
  • Advanced branded advertising
  • Guaranteed 12-week free replacement period

Fee is dependent on the size of stage 1 payment.                                             

£1000 + VAT                                         -16%
£2000 + VAT                                         -15%

If you would like to discuss any of the options above please contact us on 01223 868 649, or using the contact form below. Alternatively if you have a finished brief you can Register Your Vacancy  via this link.

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