Digitalisation of The Logistics Industry

The logistics industry is essential to keep our globalised world functioning, and given the emergence of technology it’s no surprise the logistics sector is at the forefront of new digital innovation. We read an interesting blog recently by Stefan Flannery at John Good shipping, and it motivated us to write this short piece on the growth of digital in the transport & supply chain sector.

The global transport sector is not unlike the inner workings of the human body, in the same way the body relies on arteries and veins to carry oxygenated blood, the commercial world relies on the logistics network to ensure it functions, or the world’s businesses, hospitals, airports and schools would come to a standstill.

So, in understanding how important logistics is, it’s no wonder digital technology is becoming more and more important, particularly with increasing problems such as global warming, reduced natural resources, shortages in driving staff, and political and environmental issues affecting how things currently function. Solutions and investment are being innovated now before they are needed in anticipation to ensure things don’t stop moving in the future.

One example of a solution in the pipeline is fully automated electric Vehicles, the aim for these vehicles to become common place over the next 10 to 15 years. Automated electric Vehicles fight both the impact the logistics industry has on the planet by reducing the carbon emissions of vehicles used in the transportation process, and it also combats the driver shortfall issues. When vehicles become fully automated (I know we’re a long way off) logistics companies will be able to transport goods via road much quicker, as the limitations of sleep will no longer be a factor, only charging the batteries.

Another example currently being investigated by the likes of Amazon is drone delivery, the idea of this is it will help with speed of deliveries in congested cities, so not only solving the issue of delivery times across short urban areas, but also in turn cutting the amount of inner city pollution and congestion.

As already detailed the blog we read by Stefan Flannery at John Good shipping outlines some of the key issues facing the logistics industry today, stretching from overly congested roads to driver and warehousing resource shortages.

The article is structured to outline what the problems are facing the logistics industry today, what is causing them, and how those issues are being combatted to improve and drive the logistics industry into the future.

The full article is well worth a read irrelevant of what industry sector your knowledge is based in. Technology branches into all areas of society and will have impacted your life in some way; this article enables us to learn about the ways digital innovation could affect our lives in interesting ways that we may not have previously thought about:

John Flannery – The Future Of The Logistics Industry

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