Sustainability Growing in Importance for Buyers within Smaller Businesses

Thanks to an interesting article we found by Nancy Clinton at Spend Matters UK detailing some of the findings from a report by Ecovadis titled 2019 Sustainable Procurement Barometer: From Compliance to Perfomance, we’ve discovered that it’s clear buyers and procurement managers at smaller organisations across the globe are taking sustainability much more seriously.

From an independent study into 399 suppliers, it establishes that far more SME’s and smaller businesses are investing in sustainability, whereas previously it was mainly only the fortune 500 companies.

This is a great sign for anybody who cares about the environment as it shows that the attitude to the importance of sustainability is not only being taken up by companies with the funds keen to boost their global brand image, but also by companies just keen to offer a more sustainable service to their customers, likely linked to changes in consumer behaviour.

According to the study 81% of the companies have shown a greater awareness and a desire to make inroads in this area, and growing support from executives is likely a key factor in this as it shows only 13% of companies saw that support as an obstacle, down from 24% last year.

If you would like to view Nancy’s article you can do so here:

Sustainable Procurement – How is it Evolving as a Procurement Priority

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