Help! How Do I Ask For A Pay Rise?

There comes a point during your career when you need to have that awkward conversation with your boss, bills are increasing as is your workload, and you feel your salary now needs to reflect these changes. You’ve been at the company for an extended period of time, you work hard to make sure that you fulfil what is expected of you day in and out, and hope that this has been recognised by your employers and your question won’t be a surprise.

Naturally we all hope the pay rise comes before we ask, but if it hasn’t and you need to have that chat then this blog by the BBC could help you go into that conversation prepared, with all the weapons in your arsenal to ensure you don’t come out wishing you had done more.

The dos and don’ts of getting a pay rise

This blog offers great insight into how to approach these difficult conversations. It provides advice on how to be confident when discussing a such a sensitive matter, the timing of when you should ask (not too soon but also not selling yourself short and waiting too long), and guidance on how much of a salary increase it would be sensible to pursue, as if you chase a salary that is completely unrealistic it can be detrimental to your chances of obtaining to pay rise you desire.

It is important to be level-headed when asking for a pay rise and this article delivers a great guideline of what and what not to do when chasing after the salary you wish for.

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