Outdated Sales Tactics

This is a really interesting blog written by Dan Tyre discussing outdated sales tactics that are still prominent in the modern business world but may not be as beneficial as they used to be.

The world of business isn’t the same as it was 30 years ago and just because you have been in the game for that long doesn’t mean that your sales tactics are still as effective and relevant as they once were.

It is key to move with the times and to adjust your sales technique to find the success you are looking for. It isn’t a weakness using tried and tested sales tactics to try and make a sale, but it is a strength combining traditional sales techniques with what’s new and adapting to an ever changing sales environment.

If you are looking to update your business development workforce skills to drive your company forward, this article offers extensive advice for developing your sales tactics to be as beneficial as possible for your business:

Hubspot – Outdated Sales Tactics

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